We use only premium Swedish wood

Fellessons Timber

Production & capacity

We produce panels of various kind for both indoor and outdoor use, moldings and much more in our plaining lines.

It´s no problem to customize products according to your wishes.

Good products to a large capacity

Sorting and quality control

All sawn timber that come to us undergo a thorough quality control of moisture ratio, quality and dimensionality. This is often done according to customer requirements and specification.

During manufacture further control of measurement accuracy and quality are carried out continuously according to clearly defined specifications.

Some wood products are adapted to areas of use, e.g. for industrial manufacturing and various construction purposes. In order to maintain the highest quality of raw materials as possible, we cooperate with leading Swedish sawmills. Our goal is optimal quality for every application.

Logistics and delivery


Our production plant has a capacity of about 55,000 m3 and is strategically located in the central parts of southern Sweden.  From here we manage a wide and flexible distribution network.

When goods are packed they are loaded onto a trailer. To make transport as favorable as possible we always make sure to fill all trailers that leave us.

The goods are often delivered to customers distribution centrals from where customers distribute the goods to their own plants and warehouses.

We have a wide network of partners around Europe which make our transports both cost-effective and reliable.


Several of our customer order larger volumes which we then stock for customer to suborder when needed. The goods are stored in a well-protected environment and are always ready to be loaded when customer need delivery.

Just in time is our measure and we always make sure to deliver according to your wishes and on due date.



Four out of five band saws are integrated into the planer lines. We have four double band saws of the type Waco and one AKE Millmaster with a capacity of 1500m/minute (100 mm high timber).

The saws are PLC-controlled and very high dimensional accuracy. Which is a prerequisite for a good plaining result.


Our planing capacity is high and all planers are equipped with precision spindles. Some are also speed controlled.

We currently produce about 1000 m3 planned and packaged products each week.

Tool sharpening

All planing tools are ground in our own grinding plant. This is where grinding of cutters and cutter blocks takes place with a dimension tolerance of three thousandths of a millimeter which is a prerequisite for high finish and quality of our finished products.

Close quality control in production controls the daily need for tool grinding.


Our package cutting plant is computer controller which allows for great flexibility, high capacity and high dimensional accuracy.

Price tags and labeling

We can price tag with EAN code labels directly in the planer line. We are open to all types of customer-specific products labels, from simple barcode labels to posts with instructions.

In addition, we can provide a foiled bundle with labels.